Airforwarders Association FORWARD Magazine, Fall 2018

11 Fall 2018 Q Forward Magazine business turned down or margins were squeezed within an inch of their life. You don’t forget, and when times are good you invest in the other times, and you take a minute to look around and be thankful, because it won’t always be that way. Change may bring trouble any day, but the next change may be the one that makes your troubles go away! May you have good times ahead and a peaceful, wonderful, holiday season with family and friends! Jennifer Latham AfA Secretary Being a board member has enabled me to see things from the perspective of those companies that make up the tapestry of the supply chain. We are such a part of the background, the context within which so many other selling and buying activities take place that we are often almost invisible to the general public. We are here, a society of siblings rising and falling with the economy and sometimes holding on for a bumpy ride. As for most, this time of year is a time of analysis and reflection. For those of us fiscally on a calendar year, now is the time P&L’s are assessed, budgets made, and strategies mapped out. Emo Trans has participated in the growing economy, which may be tempered by the tariffs coming down the pike! Nonetheless, we intend to expand in places where our customers demand it and we have talented passionate people to man the helms! Freight Forwarders have never made easy money, but the discipline and relationships we are forced to make from this challenging situation is usually good for a lot when opportunities present themselves. We will likely add some staff and engage with some new markets on our own terms, but we only go if there is a combination of existing business, engaged smart people and favorable political terms. Sustainability is the name of the game for us, so we value our own ability to self– fund with zero bank loans. It’s an attribute we fiercely protect by growing modestly and steadily and vetting our investments beforehand. We never know the future, and we’ve all seen tough times when