AIA Pennsylvania Annual 2021 Awards & Resource Guide

12 A I A P ENNSY LVANI A YEAR IN REV I EW 2021 2021 President's Message Deva Vu It’s hard to believe that 2021 will end in much the same way it started. We are now in the third calendar year of a pandemic and there’s a chance the first half of 2022 will see a sustained virtual/ hybrid approach to the way we conduct business. Even though many of us have been able to adapt to this reality, we are still in a state of disruption. Despite the challenges, however, we were still able to have a successful year at AIA Pennsylvania. We started a robust Housing Committee that will continue to explore one of the most pressing issues of our time, held our second year of virtual advocacy sessions, continued our industry-acclaimed virtual awards, conducted a virtual Tri-States, passed Resolution 21-1 at the AIA National Business Meeting, and partnered with mayors and policymakers in our webinar series Shaking up Small Cities. As an organization, we started a shift towards a virtual environment pre-pandemic so we could better connect with members throughout the state. As disruptive as the pandemic has been, we had the tools to deftly switch over and collaborate in this new state, now and for the future. We do hope to return to in‑person board meetings, capitol hill advocacy, and pop‑up awards shows, but we feel confident we can still deliver top-class services in this virtual/hybrid environment we will likely see ourselves for the near term. As I pass the baton to the next set of leaders, I implore our members to stay engaged, particularly at the Citizen Architect level, as we move the profession forward. Jeffrey Pastva, AIA, CPHC 2021 President AIA Pennsylvania Learning from 2021, Applying to 2022 Membership By the Numbers TOTAL MEMBERS: 2,876 Architect: 2,023 Associate: 495 Architect Fel low: 92 Architect Fel low Emeritus: 34 Architect Emeritus: 286 International Associate: 11 69% Architect 10% Architect Emeritus 1% Architect Fel low Emeritus 3% Architect Fel low 17% Associate <.5% International Associate MEMBERSHIP BREAKDOWN