ABC Southern California Continuing Education Schedule

® 2021 Continuing Education 2 JOURNEYMEN TRAINING FEE CONTRIBUTION LANGUAGE How are contributions paid for journeymen and what benefits do they receive? On all public construction projects, the participating employer will contribute for all hours worked by journey- men in the selected trade classifications at the rates specified in the applicable training standards. Journey- men contributions are not required on private projects, but they can be accepted. Participating employers are encouraged to recommend an unlimited number of journeymen to attend any scheduled journeyman upgrade training course. This benefit is only available to journeymen for which training contributions are paid to the trust fund. Are employers responsible for ensuring that journeymen, for whom training contributions are paid on public works projects, take continuing education courses? Yes. If contributions are paid on behalf of journeymen, for work performed on a state public works project, the employer must ensure that the journeymen take continuing education courses through the trust fund. Failure to ensure the journeymen take courses could lead to prevailing wage compliance problems and penalties. Qualifying classes are available through the trust fund at no cost to the employer or journeymen for whom training contributions are paid. How and who is responsible for registering journeyman for continuing education courses? What hap- pens if the journeyman is registered but does not attend? Either the contractor / employer or the journeyman can register the journeyman for classes on our website under continuing education classes. If the journeyman does not attend then training, credit can- not be provided and the contractor / employer is responsible for payment of non-cancellation fee.