ABC Greater Houston Chapter - Build Houston Magazine, October/November 2021

Alliance L.P. for nearly two decades to ensure sustainable safety processes on E.E. Reed Construction’s projects. TCA’s highly credentialed team of safety professionals and proprietary, customizable, predictive analytics software products brings a value to every project to predict trends and inf luence outcomes. This leads to safer outcomes than most construction industry employers enjoy and has contr ibuted to E.E. Reed and TCA’s exemplary reputations, as well as to E.E. Reed receiving the Associated Builders & Contractors STEP Safety Award for each of the last 18 years. This is E.E. Reed ’s reputat ion and legacy—bringing together the most talented people in the industry so that every challenge is an opportunity. The Power of Many—it is just the way things are done at E.E. Reed Construction. When Robert Burns penned the poem that inspired the well-worn phrase, “The best laid plans of mice and men can still go awry,” he wasn’t talking about construction projects. Yet, as every General Contractor knows all too well, every project has its surprises. So, the fact that unexpected developments arose on the Woman’s Hospital Medical Of f ice Building project that E.E. Reed Construction L.P. is currently building was not a surprise. It was the nature of the unexpected challenge that baffled everyone—from the Owner and Construction Manager, Healthpeak Properties and Concord Healthcare, to the architect, team of engineers, and the entire E.E. Reed Construction project team. What happened? Af ter months of planning, the new Healthpeak p r o j e c t wa s r e l e a s e d f o r mobi l izat ion. As the bui lding foundation work commenced, E.E. Reed’s project team—Dan Delforge, Roger Graham, Chase Robshaw, and Joe Gomez—made a discovery: a deep, reinforced concrete-walled cistern was located directly beneath the project ’s footprint. The bigger surprise? No one had known it existed. Absolutely no one. The cistern was full and at 40 ft. wide and 50 ft. deep, its capacity was roughly 600,000 gallons. This brought mobilization to a halt and required the entire project team to reconvene back at the drawing table. The collaboration that unfolded required not only the Owner, Construction Manager, Architect, Structural Engineer, MEP Engineer, Civil Engineer, and E.E. Reed’s project team, but other specialists, as well. The excavation had to go beneath the ground table, and a well-pointing plan that required no fewer than 70 pumps was required to keep the excavation dry. Overall, the effort required to safely and effectively demolish the cistern included more than a dozen experts and scores of personnel. As far as unexpected surprises go, this was massive—and it was also successful. Mobilization of the new Woman’s Hospital Office Building located in Houston’s Medical Center on the Woman’s Hospital of Texas campus, a 122,000-square-foot, five-story medical office building, was finally ready to proceed. When finished, it will be the first building addition to the campus in over 17 years. E.E. Reed Construction’s team has partnered with TCA/The Compliance THE POWER OF MANY Mark Reed President E.E. Reed Construction, L.P. Robert Burelsmith Vice President Safety Director E.E. Reed Construction, L.P. Tara Maria Amavi Founder & President TCA/The Compliance Alliance L.P. WORKFORCE October/November 2021 15