QRCA Views Magazine, Winter 2018

22 QRCA VIEWS Winter 2018 www.qrca.org n SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT n — to Creative Problem Solving and Ignite Your Qualitative Practice — Get on the Fast Track This summer, I attended a Creative Problem Solving Institute workshop on creative problem solving (CPS), presented by the Creative Education Foundation. I asked three CPS specialists—all current or former QRCA members—to share their perspectives on how we can leverage this intriguing mix of mindset, process, and skills to broaden and enrich our qualitative practice. Here’s what these practitioners had to say. — Schools of Thought Feature Editor Tamara Kenworthy “Imaginat ion i s more impor tant than knowledge. For whi le knowledge def ines a l l we current ly know and understand, imaginat ion point s to a l l we might yet di scover and create.” — Albert Einstein