QRCA Views Magazine, Fall 2018

30 QRCA VIEWS FALL 2018 www.qrca.org n SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT n TAKING THE MYSTERY OUT OF CO-CREATION SESSIONS H ave you experienced the situation when the client’s team is stacked and sends the research team loads of ideas that just don’t work? This is exactly the moment to take a step aside and look at the situation from a fresh perspective. It is time for a co-creation session. Co-creation sessions bring together a mix of stakeholders for the purpose of identifying new and creative ideas for the organization and its products/services. We have been working on co-creation sessions for the past seven years, and over this time we have developed a number of tips and tricks which have proven to work well for us when running these sessions. We’ve also learned what doesn’t work well for co-creation and what’s best to avoid. So, fasten your seat belt and let’s go on a journey of co-creation. By Hana Kloucková n Owner & Innovation Scout n CONFESS Research n klouckova@confess.cz & Petra Víšková n Managing Director n CONFESS Research n viskova@confess.cz