QRCA Views Magazine, Fall 2018

26 QRCA VIEWS FALL 2018 www.qrca.org As the qualitative market research industry evolves, we have ample choices for our third-party partners who provide us with recruiting databases, interview facilities, and trending algorithms to understand social influencers and online voices. This is all great; however, as our work gets more streamlined, it’s easy to forget the value of a natural, genuine conversation. The origins of Facebook started with the desire to decide “who’s hot or not” within college communities, but as we know, now it’s created a mas- sive social platform enabling us to share, connect, and express ourselves. As social platforms grow and expand their offering, new niche platforms pop up. Take Tinder—the true “hot or not” app, swiping left or right to find true love. Okay, maybe not true love, but you get the idea. n ONLINE QUAL/TECH TALK n W e were born to connect. Some of us find it easy to walk up to a complete stranger and strike up a conversation, whereas others would avoid it at all cost. However, I’d bet for most of us, once the discussion has started, it’s smooth sailing. New Age Recruiting and Methodologies Are at Our Fingertips Tinder Dates in a Week?!