2019 Pacific Northwest Vegetable Association Membership Directory

8 PNVA MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY 2019-2020 Trilogy ® Tr * Clarifiedhydrophobic extractofneemoil Sil-MATRIX® SM * Potassium silicate MITICIDES LifeGard® LG * Bacillusmycoides BIOLOGICAL PLANT ACTIVATOR AgriPhage™ AP Bacteriophage AgriPhage CMM ™ AP CMM Bacteriophage BACTERIOPHAGES Carb-O-Nator® CON * Potassium bicarbonate Rendition® R Peroxyaceticacid5% Kocide®2000 K2 Copperhydroxide Kocide®3000-O K3 * Copperhydroxide ManKocide® MK Mancozeband copper hydroxide Cueva® Cu * Copperoctanoate BIOCHEMICALS FUNGICIDES / BACTERICIDES Double Nickel® DN * Bacillus amyloliquefaciens OSO® O PolyoxinD zinc salt SoilGard® SG * Gliocladiumvirens BIOFUNGICIDES DES-X® DX * Potasium saltsof fattyacids INSECTICIDAL SOAP Neemix® Nx * Azadirachtin INSECT GROWTH REGULATOR MeloCon® MC * Paecilomyces lilacinus NEMATICIDE AgSil® 16H AS 16 Potassium silicate AgSil® 21 AS 21 Potassium silicate AgSil® 25 AS 25 Potassium silicate BIONUTRIENTS HERBICIDES Final-San-O® FSO * Ammoniated soapof fattyacids Homeplate® HP * Non-selective herbicide INSECTICIDES Agree® A * Btaizawai CryMax® CM Btkurstaki Deliver® De * Btkurstaki Javelin® J * Btkurstaki Trident® Td * Bt tenebrionis BT BIOLARVICIDES CYD-X® CX * Cydiapomonella Gemstar® G * Helicoverpazea Madex® Ma * Cydiapomonella INSECTICIDAL VIRUSES INSECTICIDAL AND MOLLUSCICIDAL BAITS Seduce® Se * Spinosad Sluggo® SL * Ironphosphate Bug-N-Sluggo® BNS * Spinosadand ironphosphate Ferroxx®AQ Fe AQ Ironphosphate BoteGHA® Bb * Beauveriabassiana strainGHA BIOINSECTICIDES PFR-97™ PFR * Isaria fumosorosea Apopka strain97 1-800-250-5024 • www.CertisUSA.com ©2019 Certis USA. All rights reserved. AgriPhage and AgriPhage CMM are registered trademarks of OmniLytics, Inc. AgSil and Sil‑MATRIX are registered trademarks of PQ Corporation. Bug‑N‑Sluggo, Cueva, DES‑X, Ferroxx, Homeplate, Seduce and Sluggo are registered trademarks of W. Neudorff GmbH KG. Kocide is a registered trademark of Kocide LLC. Madex is a registered trademark of Andermatt Biocontrol AG. MeloCon is a registered trademark of Bayer CropScience. All others are registered trademarks of Certis USA LLC. n Broadest biopesticide line n Residue exempt products n Distinct modes of action n Powerful performance n Resistance management Certis USA. The Complete Biopesticide Solution. *OMRI Listed products Always read and follow label instructions.