2019 Pacific Northwest Vegetable Association Membership Directory

32 PNVA MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY 2019-2020 PRECISION VACUUM PLANTERS For Precise, Uniform, Singulation of Seeds 13477 Benson Ave. • Chino, CA 91710 Ph: 800/833-3023 • email: sales@gearmore.com w w w . g e a r m o r e . c o m The planter used by successful onion growers in the Western United States and Canada for over 25 years. AI-640-SNT-2-45 Modular frame planter 25" to 65" wide frames. The Gearmore Precision Vacuum Planters are designed for extremely accurate seed placement. We custom build planting systems to growers individual requirements. The SNT-2-110 Planter is designed for double line sowing and features two seeding units for each sowing ele- ment. This unit can be equipped with as many seeding elements as needed.