2019 Pacific Northwest Vegetable Association Membership Directory

28 PNVA MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY 2019-2020 We are an industry leading agricultural testing lab with 45+ years of laboratory & business experience. We’re constantly working to develop new scientific procedures, implementing updated techniques, along with state of the art technology. We strive to provide the most useful, up to date reporting systems. We offer an extensive list of testing to improve overall sustainability and growth. Most results emailed within 24-48 hours! For updates, publications & news, follow us on Facebook & sign up for our newsletter! -Nutrient Soil -Disease -Plant Tissue -Nematode -GAP/Drinking Water -GMO -Grid -Nutrient Water -Manure/Compost/Lagoon -Feed -Monitoring Programs -E.Coli/Salmonella Short List of Testing Offered Complete list is constantly growing! Contact us with any testing questions.